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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Anemometer Toy for Chasing!

4 in 1 Digital Anemometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer & Light Meter (DLAF8000) with LanyardDLAF8000
4 in 1 professional measuring instrument: Anemometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer, and Light meter
Compact bone shape with lightweight and small size case design are suitable
Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for user one hand operation
Low-friction ball bearing mounted wheel design provides high accuracy at high and low air velocity
Exclusive photo diode and color correction filter light sensor, spectrum meets C.I.E. photopic
High precision thin-film capacitance humidity sensor with fast response to the humidity changes
Standard type K (NiCr-NiAl) thermocouple input jack suitable for all kinds of type K probe
Built- in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy
Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy operation
Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall
6 button touch pad
°C / °F selectable
Lux/Feet-candle selectable
Air velocity measuring units selectable
Multi channel display for relative humidity and temperature
Display: 8mm LCD display
Anemometer, Humidity, Temperature, Light Air flow range:80 to 5910 ft/min. 0.4 to 30.0 m/s 0.9 to 67.0 mph 1.4 to 108.0 km/hr 0.8 to 58.3 knots Air flow resolution: 1 ft/min, 0.1 m/s, 0.1 mph Air flow accuracy: ≤ 20 m/s 3%, >20 m/s 4% Humidity range: 10 to 95% RH, resolution 0.1% RH Humidity accuracy: 4% RH Operating humidity: 80% Max Internal Temperature range: 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F) Temperature resolution: 0 .1 °C/°F Internal Temp. Accuracy: ± 1.2°C (±2.5°F) Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F) K type range -100 to 1300°C (-148 to 2372°F) K type accuracy ± 1% + 1 °C (± 1% + 1.8°F) Light Measurement Ranges:0 to 2200 Lux 1800 to 20,000 Lux 0 to 204.0 Fc 170 to 2000 Fc Light resolution: 1 Lux, 10 Lux, 0.1 Ft-cd, 1 Ft-cd Light Accuracy: 5% rdg ± 8dgt. Weight: 160 g (battery included) Dimensions: 156 x 60 x 33 mm (6.14 x 2.36 x 1.29 inches) Power: 9v Alkaline battery (not included)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eldora Ski Area - Corona Bowl

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. Had to get a shot of our favorite back bowl at Eldora Ski Area. The steep and deep powder in the trees in this area make it one of the most fun snowboarding areas in Colorado!

Friday, January 26, 2007

More wind damage from Jan 8th - 115mph wind event

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. This morning I stopped and snapped a shot of this highway sign along HW93 where earlier this month they recorded wind gusts up to 115mph. That's a catagory 3 hurricane! All caused by chinook winds.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Looking ahead to the early spring chase season

Taking a look this morning at a couple charts at the Climate Predicition Center and liking what I see. The charts above show easing of the drought in tornado alley as well as above normal precip for the southern plains for the next 3 months. As we all know, moisture is the life blood of thunderstorms, and the more the better!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ground blizzard on HW 93 and pole snapped

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. High winds are again creating snapped poles along HW93 this morning.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Power poles down at hw93 and 128

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. This one was splintered six feet off the ground!

115mph cat 3 winds down powerlines

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. This powerpole was broken clean and laid into the field

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sears Craftsman 9hp 2 Stage Snowblower

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. On Sunday I called around town and found that the Sears in Lakewood had trucked in Snowblowers for sale. Since the Scout is perpetually stuck in 2 wheel drive we needed something more to get us dug out from this record breaking winter.

Amanda spoke to our neighbor up the hill who said that in 20 years of living in Coal Creek he has never seen a winter like this.

Today we had 115 mph winds (catagory 3 hurricane) that closed hw93, hw72 and US36. It took a road grader 2 trips and 1/2 hour each just to cut through two 9' drifts that had Shimley Road down to two lanes.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Twisters restaurant in Lakewood, CO

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. With Colorado locked in the grips of it's third snowstorm in as many weeks and more coming - these are the only twisters I've seen lately!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Multimedia message

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. Need I say more?!

Multimedia message

Latest image from Verne's mobile picture phone. Very appropriate for Colorado !

The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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