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Monday, July 17, 2006

Location of my first significant tornado, Edgemont, SD May 11, 1991

This weekend Amanda and I traveled up to Spearfish, SD for her triathalon and spent the weekend exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota.On the way back I was able to go the route I used to take back from Caving at Wind Cave National Park (another whole story). It was onone of these return trips on May 11, 1991 that I saw my first significant tornado just west of Edgemont, SD on HW 18. This is a picture ofthe exact location where I first saw the beginnings of what would be the large cone tornado that Robert Phillips, Bill Hawn and myself would watch from the side of the road at this spot. I had seen funnels and tornadoes from a distance before this but this would be theone that really cemented it for me and had me hooked forever!

Edit: I was able to find this tornado on and found that it was an F1 along with two other F0 touchdowns. This also let me narrow the date to May 11th.


Tony Laubach said...

Verne.. come on, dude.. we taught you better photoshopping skills than that! LOL Hope you had a good trip up that way! Welcome back to the 100 degrees of pain.. but hey, at least storms fired today!

Anonymous said...

post a picture of your wife man

Anonymous said...

Somebody has had some time on his's CO?

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