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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wicked Witch 3 delta jet!

Just got a new plane to become the Wicked Witch 3. This one is a stryker delta wing with electric pusher motor!

And wow what a rocket! This plane says on the box that it'll go 80mph and they weren't exagerating. When you hand launch a plane you have to throw it with one hand and then immediately grab the stick and start to fly it. This plane took off at full throttle and I almost flew it into the ground 50 yards down the hill as it needed some up trim to fly level. Luckily I pulled it up before it hit! I flew a couple circles around me at full power and the plane was smooth and stable but very 'twitchy' on the controls. I had the dual rate switch on high which was not a good idea for a first flight apparently. As I came around the second turn I had a sudden sinking feeling as I could not tell the orientation of the plane. In radio control flight there are angles that the plane reaches where you can't tell if it's coming or going. I had one of these moments and guessed wrong, the plane started acting irratic to my controls and I was totally lost. It spiralled in hard! Luckily at the last moment I cut the throttle and since this plane is basically a sheet of foam it slowed just before it hit.

I kept my eye on where it hit and raced out there expecting the worst. Surprisingly the only damage was a 1" of the left wingtip was busted off. The good news here is that this plane is tough. Being a delta wing it is very stout and crash resistant. I have it repaired now and needless to say that I will practice on it quite a bit before I modify to accept my camera!

Comparing the WW2 to the WW3, the WW3 should do well carrying the camera since it is lighter and has more wing area.
Weight w/o camera: 22oz
Wing Area: 425 sq in

Weight w/o camera: 24.7oz
Wing Area: 369.6 sq in

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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