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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dodge City, KS Chase Base?

I've always had it in my mind to get a place in Kansas. Home prices are around the cost of a nice automobile and with the stock market sucking now and at most times it's good to put your money into something you can actually use. I believe with the bio-fuels and wind energy that are making a resurgence in the plains, the central US will actually see a large rebound in the coming decades and we want to be a part of that.
Geographically, Hays, KS would have been the ideal choice but home prices there are twice as much as if you went one exit east to Russel, KS or one exit west to Ellis. These two towns would have been fine, but talking with Amanda this weekend we started thinking about Dodge City.
Dodge City has the rich western history that Amanda loves with Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp and all the old west attractions and gun fight shows. For me, although it is two hours south of Hays it is still in prime Kansas chase territory. From Dodge City you can get east into Greensburg, Pratt and the areas along the KS/OK border that have been hot from 2004 and 2007. The drive striaght north leads you to Wakeeney, KS and our always favorite, Trego County.
Getting a spot in Dodge City is strong in our minds and looks like it may be a reality as soon as the end of this summer!


Steve Miller said...

It's interesting, you Colo residents want homes on the plains and we plains people want property in Colorado! Our home away from home is in SolVista Basin, between Winter Park and Granby. We love it up there!

Dann Cianca said...

Awesome! How long until the Kearney chase base? ;)


Sean Mullins said...

You are going to have a blast shooting lightning at that windfarm on a regular basis!

Mike said...

Wow! That came out of left field... LOL. Not many people move from the mountains of Colorado to Dodge City. One of my bowling teammates, however, is one of them. So you wouldn't be the first! He lived in Grand Junction and moved to Dodge about 4 years ago. That said, he actually lives in Cimarron, not Dodge. Dodge is in Ford County, and Ford County has probably the highest property taxes in the state... a state that has a notoriety for high property taxes to begin with. I still rent, believe it or not, because I'm single and it fits my lifestyle. If you move to Dodge, you'd want to live north of the Highway 50 bypass, that's for sure. Get ready for a culture shock, though, it may have it's western History, but the meat-packing industry is what drives this town, along with Garden City and Liberal and that means one thing -- very high hispanic population. You usually don't walk around Wal-Mart without tripping over at least one little hispanic rugrat ;-)

For chasing? You couldn't do any better. Despite the ethnic imbalance, I'm satisfied with where I am. I love the High Plains, and you can see amazing storms in amazing flat, open skies all directions for 3-4. Early in the year, I take out and backs to the TX Panhandle/western Oklahoma... Mid-season, it's right in my backyard, as you well know...and then late in the season, in just a half day's drive to upslope favored Northeast Colorado/Southwest Nebraska. It's also a half day's drive to the Mountains... Also, great Raton Mesa setups are just 3-4 hours away from Dodge. Wichita? How about a 2 hours 15 minutes! It's perfect centralization out here. Definitely keep in touch... I've been a long subscriber of your blog. There are no die-hard chasers here in Dodge. Fritz Kruse and Jonathan Finch, colleagues of mine, are not die-hard anymore and really don't do much chasing anymore. Good luck on your move!

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