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Friday, May 28, 2010

2010-05-26 Report: Denver International Airport Tornado

I spotted this brief tornado at E-470 and Pena Blvd at 1:30pm MDT. This lowering was heading towards the main concourse with thousands of people inside. Storm was tornado warned after this. Sirens sounded inside. United Airlines canceled 40 flights due to this one supercell. After touchdown debris was seen floating in the air. Some plastic bags and tin was raining down in the field west of E-470! Luckily it did not materialize into a strong tornado - it's path would have taken it right across the DIA main terminal. Large hail to 3" was also reported in Commerce City, CO to the north causing significant auto and home damage to many neighborhoods.

2010 Tornadoes: 13
Lifetime Tornadoes: 133

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Anonymous said...

hey vern

love the blog and your videos and live feed on tvn. I was wondering if you could either change the color of the font on your feed or the color? I know its hard to pick it or to get it to fit in the little corner anything would be appreciated!

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