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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010 Summer Solstice Baseball Hail

Caught the storm of the day as it rapidly developed over Boulder, CO and started it's march to the northeast. It stayed frustratingly high based all the way out to Ft. Morgan where a new cell to the northeast began getting stronger. I core punched my way up to get ahead of this new cell and for awhile I was between both cells but could never get out ahead of the fast moving system. Just east of Yuma, CO I core punched in the RHINO and got pelted by golfballs and then baseballs. The hail was letting up but I wanted more so I went back to where they had fallen and documented the size as easily 3" and this was after a full 10 minutes of melting. The actual stones may have been closer to softball at 3 1/2" when they fell. No damage to the Rhino although I do have one new window crack on the front windshield. (Front window is stock and unmodified for video quality).


GZ said...


ksd said...

I watched you go through some of that hail and was astounded to be able to actually see those large lumps on the road. Kept waiting for your windshield to shatter. Congrats on not suffering more damage.

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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