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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michael and Dann's Elbert County TORNADO!

Here's the cell from Denver. Notice the overshooting top!
Radar Grab, notice the dewpoint spread from east to west. Almost 30 degrees!
Boundary is visible here as the faint line off to the west of the cell.
Velocity scan, look at the couplet just northeast of Michael's car!

Michael Carlson and Dann Cianca score big today with a tornado in southwest Elbert County, CO this afternoon. At about 4:30pm today on Alice 105.9 radio they broke in with a report of a tornado in westcentral Elbert County. I immediately pulled over, fired up my laptop and saw that Michael was on spotternetwork right next to the storm. I immediately called him up. He and Dann had seen a tube tornado on the ground for five minutes with a large cone aloft and debris swirl on the ground. This was Dann's first tornado ever - congrats guys!!

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Eric Carlson said...

Good job guys!

Eian Greene said...

I live out that way in Calhan... Sky looked dark gray (like many storms out here do) and I thought nothing else of it because it wasn't threatening us in any way. I wanted to ultimately get photos of a funnel cloud/tornado this season, but... for some reason or another when one got close, i was out of the area.

good work guys! Can you post todays Vid on Youtube, if you havent already?

Eian Greene,

Anonymous said...

Good job Michael and Dann! We were on the storm too. Many, small funnels from the updraft on that boundary. Interesting boundary interaction. Classic landspout setup. We missed the debris swirl (landspout) on the ground, but did see the small tapered funnel above. I think you guys passed us heading south on 71 to the other brief tornado?

Roger Hill

Anonymous said...

This was a very cool storm. I was on the far west end of the updraft where a small, but rapidly rotating mesocyclone was visible for about 1 hour prior to the tornado. I got blasted with what seemed to be a small scale rear-flank downdraft that initiated ground based rotation just prior to tornado formation. Not a classic set up at all, but it had LP supercell characteristics with a mesocyclone visible both at cloud base and on radar.

Matt Grzych

Dann Cianca said...

Thanks for the now-support, Verne!


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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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