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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Russell Kansas Chase Base #2?

Russell, KS is one major exit east of Hays, KS along I-70 arguably a major hotspot in the central plains!
This is a map of reachable chase territory within a 6 hour drive.

Well after much thought, research and input from friends we have abandoned our thoughts about getting a place in Dodge City. We are now turning our thoughts back to Russell, KS. Why Russell? well it's as close to Hays, KS as you can get without paying Hays prices - the geographic center of Tornado Alley. If you look at many of the maps of Tornado alley (including mine above) Hays falls right in the middle.

Researching shows that homes in Hays start at about 80k. If you go one exit west to Ellis, KS you can find a home for under $40k. If you go one exit east to Russell, KS you can find atleast 5 homes less than $40k. Some are as low as $31k but we want something that is immediately liveable but could use some cosmetic work. New paint, tile, carpet, etc.. is okay.

So once again with the stock market up and down 300 points each day with the price of crude oil we are going to pull some stocks and get something we can actually use - a home that will be Chase Base #2!

1 comment:

tophatdan said...

my name is daniel downing and i'm with the russell county historical society, and i can tell you that we would surely support having your group in our community, and if you at any time need access to our records for weather reports, historical weather data or any other information, we would be glad to cooperate

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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