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Saturday, March 24, 2007

We got one!

Took a chance and shot north to get the tornado in Ogallala NE!

Edit: psych! not a tornado but a stream column over Denver as we pulled into town last night at 10:30pm. This was our feable attempt to fool Tony L. but he wasn't buying it. LOL

Michael, Eric and I were all over the cells coming up out of se CO into sw KS and saw numerous brief near-nados and chased the 'string-of-pearls' up to McCook, NE but ultimately we could confirm no touchdowns.

The 'tornadoes' in and around Julesburg have me sceptical since at the time the radar barely showed 40Dbz and maybe 1 -2 pixels on these storms. I will wait to see the pics to be a believer that they were anything more than some brief gustnadoes.

The 'Chaser Trap' got us about 15 miles north of Brewster, KS where many including Andy Fischer, Chris Rozoff, Matt K. and his group and Joey Ketcham and I suddenly had our chase haulted by mud at the end of the pavement!This put us way behind and we were playing catchup the rest of the afternoon up to McCook, NE and never did get back on the east side of the line. By then the cells were grunging out.

Here is the strongest cell as it heads NNE from Goodland, KS we saw a few brief spinups and near-funnels but no touchdowns.
Still glad to be out. "You gotta be in it, to win it!"


Tony Laubach said...

This is bwoolshit! LOL Nice job, dude! LOL

Dewdrop said...

Awesome catch!!!! Great pic! Way to go, Verne. I am so jealous.


Jenn said...

HAhahahaha!!! This gave us a good laugh in the car on the way home. It's Bwoooolshit! ;) It was great to see you guys - this week was a lot of fun even if we didn't nab any twisters.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, including the.. *ahem* tornado. LOL. It was great seeing you guys out again.


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