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Monday, November 24, 2008

Russell Kansas Chase Base - Things to do

This Friday, Amanda and I are going to head out to Russell, KS and get some work done on the house. I'm making a list here so that I am sure to buy all the supplies for the trip. The only critical things are the plumbing. Everything else is 'nice-to-have'. I want to get these things done now so that I don't have them to do next spring when things get crazy again!
  • Replace the kitchen drain trap in the crawlspace. It froze last winter and when it was turned on this fall all the water from the kitchen sink ran into the crawl space.
  • Unclog the bathroom sink drain. Somewhere beyond the trap there is a clog keeping the sink from draining. I have a hand-crank snake to hopefully unclog it. If this doesn't work I may rip the entire drain line out and rebuild it with PVC.
  • Stain the front deck. Bought some clear deck stain already.
  • Paint the front door. The door was exposed to the elements before previous owner added the storm door. Got a can of green paint already.
  • Setup the 2nd bedroom timer lamp.
  • Install exterior spigot covers. Need to still buy these. * bought
  • Bring the weather alert radio and install it in the kitchen.
  • Bring the US wall map in the office to put up in the house.
  • Attempt to mow the backyard. The grass may have dried up enough now to push the mower through the jungle of high grass.
  • Sand down and then retape some cracks around the interior doorways.
  • Bedroom closet door is sticky. Trim it down so it fits again.
  • Measure for the kitchen floor thresholds.

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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