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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our first tornado in South Dakota!

Michael and I decided we would take the favorable I-29 south in front of the squall line and see what we could find. Just south of Bereford, SD in Union County 8:18pm CDT we drove right up on a large dusty tornado that developed right over the highway (where it tossed a 2000 gallon water tank). We pulled over and filmed it as it spun off to our east and then dissipated after 5 minutes or so and we were overtaken by the squall line. A nice little surprise non-supercellular tornado that seemed to have formed in the comma/forward bow of the squall-line. :)

Developing tornado as seen looking southeast from I-29

Tornado at it's strongest, east of the interstate

Tornado about to dissipate and we are overtaken by the squall-line and we lose it in the rain!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow - thats cool!


Eric Flescher said...

Hey Vern
Nice blog. Please post a link to my storm website and blog. Nice pics too. I was in Boulder, CO for my daughters graduation at CU. We had a good time. Chased up in S Dakota this week but nothing much. Hope this season gets better. I will add your site to my links page in near future too.

Dr. Eric Flescher (, Olathe, KS: Storm Satori- E.O.A.S. (Earth, Oceans, Atmosphere and Space Blog) -

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