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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Video transmitters and cameras

This morning I went onto eBay and ordered 6 3000mW 1.2 GHz transmitter/receiver sets from a seller in Hong Kong. These are larger than the 10mW transmitters that I have previously tried but they will increase our range from 200m to 3000m. That's 3 kilometers, the actual range I hope to get would be 1 kilometer so that will give us a nice safety margin. Of course, these are larger, heavier and require a 12V battery and so the probe will have to be bigger. I have found 12V motorcycle batteries at the 4.5x4.5x2.75 inch size so these should work nicely.

These take 3 days to process and then 15 days to ship to the US so it'll be cutting it close on getting these units for the project. I also ordered 8 color pinhole cameras from an outfit in the US so those will be here in time.

The transmitters are the one's below in the link, they have quoted me AU$390 for 6 including shipping so I have asked them to send me the dimensions (since the picture is always vaugue) and to see if they have a faster shipping method:

I ordered 8 of these cameras for $149.99:

they have audio as well so we may even be able to get audio and video back. At this point I don't see why not. To mount them in the plane I may attach them directly to a spare servo and hang it out the bottom, that would allow one of the unused channels 5,6 or 7 to be able to rotate the camera in flight!

This is the YAGI antennas we'll use, I already have one myself and Kaori has requested another one, we can use up to 4 of these with 4 laptops at a time:

Here are the Laptop capture devices we'll use, at $77.00 ea + shipping one for each channel of video:

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