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Monday, May 07, 2007

North of Greensburg, Kansas

Michael and I just got back to Denver. We were on the Greensburg storm after it moved moved north of town. We followed it all the way up to near Ellsworth, KS where it finally dissipated. From our vantage point along HW4 through Hoisington, KS it was a large bowl on the ground with incredibly strong RFD winds wrapping around it and trying to blow us off the road. We basically followed it all the way north driving under and around downed powerlines, grain bins down in Claflin, KS and numerous trees and limbs across the road. Street flooding was everywhere. We chased till 4am when we finally got back to our motel in Hays, KS.
Tree limbs down east of Hoisington, KS

Tree branch across the road north of Claflin, KS

Grain bins block the road in Claflin, KS we have to go north to get around them. The wedge rages in the distance!

Powerpoles are down everywhere!

My chaser friend Randy Denzer of the MESO group was one of the first EMTs on the scene in Greensburg. He described to me the towns police chief sobing saying that 'his town was destroyed'. Randy saw truckers dead in thier trucks caught at the gas station and crushed. On Saturday we video'ed another 7 tornadoes in the same area near St. Johns Kansas. I am still numb at the sights we saw... I will get some pics up soon of our chase of the Greensburg wedge as it moved north out of town.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe the video is of Greensburg. I noticed that a Kansas Highway 4 sign was in the beginnig of the video. This is nowhere near Greensburg

Verne said...

It's north of Greensburg in the town of Claflin, KS. Same storm that hit Greensburg and wedge number 3 with wedge number 1 being the one that actually hit

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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