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Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009-04-29 Report

Gustnado #1 00:33z

Landspout #1 00:44z

Landspout #2 00:45z

Gustnado #2 00:45z - Rated EF1, apparently it hit a dairy farm injuring one person and killing 100 cattle. Details >> HERE <<

Gustnado #2 00:45z

Got off work at lunch and shot out to Burlington, CO where I thought there was an outside chance of a landspout. The Jim Reed foot chase day of last year was in my mind. I liked the forecast capes on the RUC up into the surface low.

With Michael nowcasting for me I jumped on the rapidly developing cells around Leoti, KS and almost called it a day when the cell near Garden City looked like it was worth a check.

On arriving from the west side I was greeted with marbles, then golfballs and then a few near baseball hailstones and 4" drifting! I positioned myself out of the hail and on the southeast side of the meso and saw my first dusty spinup out on the forward RFD push.

While following this gustnado I observed off to the west a nice laminar landspout with translucent tube fully connected to the ground. Out from this spout a small gustnado spun out rapidly ahead of it.

Continuing south out ahead of the meso an RFD push again turned into the huge dusty gustnado that Michael posted in the NOW thread. This weakend a bit and spun out more little gustnadoes. I decided to drive right through the dying large gustnado and got sprayed by straw and dirt!

The cell splitting and mergers or lack of mergers after that were something I can't wait to review on radar!

Michael did an analysis of the setup HERE


The Trumplebum said...

Daaaang, that's pretty awesome! Hope you got out safe 'n sound. "Gustnados" never heard that term before... I guess we all learn somethin' new every day, right?

Dann Cianca said...

Damn Verne ... wish I could have been on your storm. NW Kansas was a dead zone.

Anonymous said...

Hey I ran across your blog through and I wanted to personally thank you guys for all you do, because of the work you do, we have better warnings, are more well informed about this phenomena and are a hell of a lot safer and hopefully one day we will get to the bottom of these storms and find out what's really going on. Thanks so much from a military family new to Kansas!

sknr31 said...

B E A Utiful! see ya out there soon...

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The Carlsons', Verne, Michael and Eric

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